Digital Design

My Talking Space

My Talking Space is a private counselling and psychotherapy service for those seeking support. Amina and I created a simple, one-page website layout that was clear and easy to navigate and that complemented her personal branding.

Client / 

Amina Ispahani


Role / 

Web Design 





Year / 



We added clear call-to-action buttons and a colour scheme co-ordinated with her logo on this clean, easy-to-navigate one-page website.

For the mobile version of the site, we highlight Amina's email and phone details so that prospect clients could call directly from the browser in their phones, making accessibility top priority.

We didn't want to overcomplicate the design by adding too many elements. Instead, we wanted to convey a sense of calm and clarity. We ended with a simple contact form at the bottom of the page.

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