Creative Copy & Content 

I have a lifelong love affair with the written word and I feel most free when I'm painting with the alphabet. I've written for various online publications as well as fiction for Woman's Weekly. I also started my blog, Rust & Gold Dust where I wrote poetic prose on the beauty of the everyday (the extra in the ordinary). 

London: A Tale of a City

A Dickensian twist on the UK's capital

London. A city of Great Expectations. A capital plagued by insomnia; fuelled with the buzz of unlocked potential and the zany hum of wired minds. 

An hour before dawn. The first train rumbles into a platform. An anaemic sun nestles between blankets of smog, clinging to the last wisps of darkness, resolutely undisturbed by the clanging of seven million alarm clocks...

The Cool Side Of The Pillow

A meditation on the joys of the cool patch

Time ticks forward and tocks back again in an eternal dreamscape. Seconds expand like elastic, minutes melt like butter. No alarm. Forget-me-nots forgotten.

Dawn flickers against gluey lashes that shield a neon universe of dripping clock-faces and red raw lobsters. Dusty breath undulates over bubblegum lips into a shallow pool. Rippling, cooling, shivering; an ellipsis floating past a taciturn speech bubble...

How Do You Eat Yours?

An observational piece about boiled eggs

The ideal ending to a bluesy Sunday. You are far too lazy and far too depressed to even consider cooking anything that requires more than three ingredients. Frankly, the idea is absurd.

Thank chickens for eggs. Easy, simple, beautiful eggs. Of course, an egg is not an egg without soldiers. All in a row. With identical suits of black armour. It has to be my mate, Marmite. For those who are too rich, too cultured for poor man’s soldiers, spears of asparagus are the next best thing...

Birds With Balls

A critique of society's attitude to women in the bedroom

Women need to grow a pair. I may sound like a chauvinistic piglet but that’s my right… as a woman. And before you start frowning at the screen in that pretentious, self-affected manner, no, that wasn’t a typo. Let me explain.

Women have been fighting for their rights to be socially, politically and economically equal to men ever since Eve was created after Adam. As it happens, Eve got her own back by tempting Adam with her juicy apples in the Garden of Eden....

Bee Lovely

Neal's Yard Remedies's Save The Bees Campaign

Behold… the humble bumblebees. Small as they are, these little creatures are truly mighty! Bees are precious pollinators responsible for feeding, healing and clothing us. Without bees and wild pollinators, you can forget about everything from glowing wax candles, yummy runny honey, chocolate and your daily caffeine fix. 

Bees are under attack. So much so that experts have warned that honeybees could disappear entirely from Britain by...

Big, Beautiful Eyes

Beauty article featuring tips on how to make eyes pop

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then we’d better make sure we dress them perfectly. Big, beautiful eyes are timeless, pure and not as difficult to achieve as you might think. So what exactly are those ever-elusive insider beauty tips and tricks that really make your eyes pop?

Choosing a shadow that compliments your eye colour can bring out the natural tones in your eyes, making them look extra. Punchy purples look fabulous with green eyes, while gorgeous green shades bring out brown eyes and tawny greys suit blue eyes...

Cruelty To Books?

A meditation on what it means to love books

Grains of sand embedded in the spine, pages stained with tea and coffee. Are these the signs of a neglectful reader or do they represent the many moments of all consuming love for the book that you just couldn’t put down?

It is clear that our book habits are both personal and widely open to criticism. While a well-read book is beloved by all, perhaps wear and tear should be prevented where possible. The question is, how far are we willing to go to safeguard our books?